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Monday, 31 May 2010

Hell on Wheels?

The Ford Motor Company made a speedy withdrawal of a car introduced to the European market in the late 1930s. The model, called the Ford Nazi, was a luxury motor car aimed at the top end of the motoring market, such as it was between the wars. The company had carried out research in targeting the wealthiest European countries, naming the new vehicles with reference to current events and culture. It is believed that the car was also intended to commemorate the well-documented mutual admiration between Henry Ford and the then German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler. Ford eventually bowed to pressure, withdrew and apparently destroyed the vehicles following a series of protests, but rumour has it a certain movie actor, famed for his less than affectionate comments regarding the Jewish people, has one locked away in a secret storage facility hidden under the Grand Canyon.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Power Corrupts?

Maggots eat plutonium! According to recent research that is. Scientists working to reassure those of us who persist in worrying about the ever increasing use of nuclear power are claiming to have conclusively proven the ease with which nuclear waste can be disposed. Experiments with vermin failed but the research group responsible for the project made a triumphant announcement this week. Apparently the maggots involved in the study just couldn't get enough of the stuff either. And early reports of any side effects in the insects seem encouraging, with the only negative consequences noted to date including a slightly unpleasant smell, a change in musical tastes, and a tendency for a small portion of the maggots to turn into psychotic 50 foot flying radioactive lizard beasts.